Publisher Note

'Orbital Planes: A Personal Vision of the Space Shuttle' is Roland Miller’s intimate photographic view of the Space Shuttle Program. A unique collection of imagery, the book explores the Space Shuttle orbiters—both inside and out—along with related facilities including rocket engine test sites, solid rocket booster and external tank manufacturing facilities, orbiter manufacturing and maintenance facilities, launch sites, and more.

He began his focused work for 'Orbital Planes' in 2008 and continued for the duration of the Space Shuttle Program through the decommissioning of the orbiters. 'Orbital Planes' is part artistic invention, part space archaeology, and part historic documentation. Detailed imagery describes the distinctive design and engineering of these spacecraft and the facilities where they were maintained and launched. The drama and danger of spaceflight are seen in the wear and tear visible on the Space Shuttle orbiters.

The book also chronicles the story of Miller’s interactions with Space Shuttle workers and the impacts of the Challenger and Columbia accidents.


Orbital Planes

— A Personal Vision of the Space Shuttle

by Roland Miller

Release Place Bologna, Italy
Release Date 2021
Artist: Roland Miller
ISBN-13: 9788862087599
Subform Photobook
Topics Space, Space Shuttle
Methods Photography
Language English
Format hardcover
Dimensions 30.4 × 25.7 cm
Pages 200
Technique Offset