Publisher Note

The shots of Paola De Pietri are born from a careful observation of the urban and natural landscape, which analyzes the relationship of man with space in its temporal dynamics.
The agricultural landscape of Emilia-Romagna is the protagonist of the journey in which the author invites us to follow her, over a year, from winter to winter.
The story testifies to a personal research of high quality, and interrogates a community, provoking it through the exhibition of a present space of which the natural history is told, invariably interpolated by an anthropization with involuntary effects.
The approximately two hundred photographs, in black and white and in color, are accompanied by critical texts by Stefano Catucci and Antonello Frongia and put on the page by the studio Sonnoli, who designed the volume.


Da inverno a inverno

by Paola De Pietri

Release Place Venezia, Italy
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2021
Editor: Silvia Ferrari
Artist: Paola De Pietri
ISBN-13: 978-88-317-4470-6
Subform Photobook
Topics Agriculture, Botanics, Flowers
Methods Photography
Language Italian
Dimensions 21.3 × 26.3 × 4.0 cm
Pages 352
Technique Offset