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Brochure without cover, thread stitching, trimmed dust jacket and 5 image inserts

Publisher Note

On a Friday in Al-Azhar Park in Cairo, I took this one picture. Friday is a sacred day, there is no school and the people come from their neighbourhoods and go to this public garden to love, play and picnic.
The games, the layouts on the ceilings, the beautiful geometric flower and vegetable gardens with their various fountains and watercourses are captured with mobile phones, cameras and video cameras. This large park is recently created and extends over an area of thirty hectares. It was laid out as a Persian-Islamic garden on a former rubble heap in the heart of the desert city of Cairo. During the months I spent here, this photograph has grown in importance daily. (Daniela Keiser)
Based on this photograph Daniela Keiser invites authors from various professions connected with the Arab world to write a fictional biography for the young woman depicted in the photograph. Several short texts have been created based on one and the same portrait.
The bilingual text volume is accompanied by five copies of this picture, which were produced at different printers in Cairo. Fine colour deviations and varying print intensity are the result of different interpretations of the same picture.

Artists’ Book

Ar & Or (German/Arabic)

by Daniela Keiser

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Release Date 2012
Designer: Georg Rutishauser
Artist: Daniela Keiser
Printrun 300
ISBN-13: 978-3-03746-163-1
Format hardcover
Dimensions 19.5 × 27.0 cm
Pages 74
Technique Offset Printing